Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic Lifestyle Approach

What is a Holistic Lifestyle?
Dani has taken the approach of living holistically.

This approach simply means she is interested in engaging and developing the whole person. Dani believes you have to have positivity, good fuel and effective movement in your life to be successful in this journey. With too much stress we carry more cortisol, which leads to excess body fat. Good fuel is key to success because your body needs nutrients like good carbs, lean protein, organic veggies, things of this nature to feel content and strong for your workouts. Movement in this day and age is pertinent to a healthy active lifestyle. Without movement your body cannot function, change or be successful in the way you want unless you have effective workouts. Effective meaning during Dani’s workouts or workouts on your own, you know what to do and how to challenge and push yourself to your extent without hurting yourself.

Dani is so excited to share this approach with you all and help in every way possible to be your healthiest self.