Online Program

NEW! 6 Week Online Program from Dani D. Fitness

Dani is launching a new health and weight loss program that allows you to get stronger and build endurance along with staying consistent throughout the program!


The new program has two options:

Health + Weight Loss: All Total Body Work

– or –

Health + Weight Loss: Gym Equipment Option


The Dani D. Fitness program is usually $200, but a 25% discount will be applied to clients who e-mail with subject line:

“6 Week Online Program Code”


The program includes the following:

– Weekly Movement Plan –

– Nutritional Guidance –

– Options to Sync My Fitness Pal and/or Fit Bit

– 24/7 Accountability from Dani D. –


The plan is tailored to your needs as a beginner or intermediate. The first 6 weeks of the program will challenge you both physically and mentally. It will teach you form and build strength and endurance all in one.


With a variety of workouts that are tailored to what you need, this plan is the perfect place to start getting your movement in!


Click the link below to purchase your first step to fighting for what you want!