8 Week Online Program Bundle


With this 8 week online program, you can begin to change your lifestyle today. This is your opportunity to truly have that accountability you need along with total body, no equipment workouts that are comprehensive. This program allows you to get your movement in however works best for your lifestyle. The workouts come weekly so you never get overwhelmed and the workouts can be modified or advanced to push you outside your comfort zone. This is a new type of program that has unique aspects to help you be your best self in a real, simple, and affordable way. This program offers:

  • Easy to follow dietitian-approved meal plan based on your current weight.
  • Exclusive discounts* on Dani D. Fitness apparel, upcoming events, and much more.
  • Comprehensive workout plans that vary from week to week.
  • Weekly workouts for 8 weeks/6 days a week. To avoid being overwhelmed, your workouts are delivered weekly.
  • Workouts increase in difficulty as the weeks progress but can be modified.
  • No waiting period or registration, your membership starts today.
  • A member of the Dani D. Fitness Online Program Community- your own user profile, message fellow members, join boards, etc.
  • Free consultation via Skype.
  • Dani as your accountability coach! Weekly check-ins will be required to continue from week-to-week.

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This program is NOT a buy it and never use it program. Nor is it the type of program where you will never hear from Dani either. This is your opportunity to truly have the accountability factor that you need to guide you through the workouts each week. Dani is your accountability partner and as a member, you will be required to have Skype calls or phone calls with Dani weekly to check-in and update her on your progress. 

Weekly Workouts

This 8 week program is designed for people that are looking to lose weight. In the first 8 weeks you will learn about stretching, correct form, and total body movements. All of the movements are perfected in making your entire body strong and work in a different and efficient way. To avoid being overwhelmed and feel like you cannot accomplish the program, your workouts are delivered weekly. So, you can take it one week at a time.

No Gym Required

You do not have to be a member of any gym to workout during this program. All of the workouts can be just as challenging with no weight as with a ton of weight. The Dani D. Fitness Online Program workouts range from cardio based to targeting your core. 

*Discount can not be applied to any Online Program Membership or your enrollment today in the Online Program.

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