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Whether you are a seasoned veteran on clean eating or this is your first time in the arena, this plan is made to be quick and easy to follow. While we could give you a plan with exactly what to eat and when, this would defeat the purpose of your own individualized learning (and really who wants to be told what to eat).

The only way to try change your lifestyle is both through movement and clean eating. With the Dani D. Fitness Online Program, Dani highly recommends this dietitian-approved meal plan to help you reach your goals. We have 5 different meal plans to choose from based on your current weight. We offer 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600, and 1800 calorie meal plans.


We offer 6 variations for the Dani D. Fitness Meal Plan; all based on your current weight today. When you are ready to check out, choose a calorie plan based on these weight ranges (again, your current weight today):

1200 Calorie 145 and under

1400 Calorie 145-159

1500 Calorie 159-169

1600 Calorie 169-189 (vegetarian included)

1800 Calorie 190 and above

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Exchange System

In order to allow you the freedom to choose and still maintain clean eating, this plan follows what we call an “exchange system.” Basically, every food is classified as either a Protein, Fat, Complex Carbohydrate, Fruit, or Vegetable. The exchange system allows you to create your day based on what Abi recommends for every meal. Abi has listed out options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack options, and has also provided a grocery list.


“I formulated a meal plan that reflects the dietary changes to best achieve your goals. This nutrition plan is rich in vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and nutrient rich grains. The plan is made with you in mind — understanding the need for flexibility throughout life. As you learn how to follow it, you can begin to understand how to make clean and healthy choices throughout each day. I could not be more excited for you as you begin this journey to a healthier life!”

-Abi Hughes, RDN, LDN


Additional information
Calorie Ranges

1200 Calorie, 1400 Calorie, 1500 Calorie, 1600 Calorie, 1600 Calorie Vegetarian, 1800 Calorie


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