Dani’s Purpose

Dani’s journey started with very unhealthy habits and thinking what she was doing was the only option for her: Not eating well, not eating at all or overeating she never could figure it out. Once she became an instructor while still eating poorly, she became very unhappy. Finally she tried a program that worked for her and learned from scratch how to eat correctly and start being mindful of when to eat etc. Once Dani started this journey there was no going back. Even from there Dani then learned about specifically programming what she ate for what her activity level was by watching her macros. Over the past year she has lost more collectively and dropped an additional 9% body fat to add to making her total body percent fat going down 17%! There is no end destination, therefore Dani has been training clients from the start, and teaching students since from when she was 40 pounds heavier with the point being you can’t wait to start living your life or being happy, you have to appreciate the journey and know each day you are getting better.

Dani lives her life by the mantra “Fight for what you want” because It wasn’t all happy and exciting, at times she felt very helpless and trapped in her body during her journey.

Why did Dani keep going instead of quitting?

Dani knew that this was her purpose in life, to become the best version of herself to prove to herself and anyone that ever doubted that women with her frame and structure could be an athlete, strong and a trainer CAN be a true representation of what strong and healthy are.

She keeps fighting everyday for what she wants because she knows this journey and she knows you have it in you to be your best, we just have to start!

Dani has set herself to the highest standard and lives accordingly. She practices what she preaches and loves what she does and wants nothing but success from her clients. With Dani’s unique perspective of actually living an unhealthy lifestyle to changing hers completely she can relate to you and truly understand how to make you successful and be the best you can be.