Shopping List

Shopping List and Holistic Eating


You should be eating every 3 hours.
Start your day no later then 7:00 or 8:00 am to get all your nutrients in.

Example of what a clean eating day looks like:

Three of your meals are lean protein, complex carb and a veggie.
Two meals are protein and veggie or carb and veggie depending on what your activity level is for that day.

Primary Veggies are your GREENS (Organic)

Brussels sprouts
Fresh Green beans
Spinach and Kale

Acceptable other veggies
Red, Green, Orange peppers


Lean protein should all have 1gram of fat
99% fat free chicken, organic
Turkey cutlets
Tuna white albacore in water not oil

Higher in fat but good proteins 2-3x a week at most!
Laura’s Lean ground beef 96/4 split 4.5g of fat per serving
Lean ground burgers 92/8 split 9 g of fat per serving

Complex carbs -1/4 cup or whatever the recommended serving is
Sweet potatoes, organic
Brown rice
Steel cut oats or oatmeal

Carbs to have before/after workout!
Green apples
Berries ex: blueberries and strawberries

Good fats in moderation can be added to each meal if needed just be mindful.

Avocado=half a day 11g of fat
Pb2 better ‘version of peanut butter’ barely any fat 1.5 g of fat per serving!
Put it in oatmeal or steel cut oats.


Almonds or cashews unsalted are good for after dinner if you’re still hungry before bed.