If you were going to do it, you would have already.
If you could do it alone, you would have.
If you don’t plan for your day, your day is wasted.
If you hope for something it’s a 50/50 chance it will happen.
I need to save my money; I will start once I get that figured out.

Look at any of these statements and what do you not see? I do not see the word success…I see the words hope, going to, wasted, 50%, no money to invest in myself, and never.

These are things I hear, and see constantly in fitness. Today I watched people of all shapes, ages and sizes accomplish a goal and for some that was walking a 10k, running a 5k or to a child a fun run. Either way they got out and were active and did good for their bodies today. That’s what is important… accomplishing your goals and feeling great.

Accomplish your goals and feel great.

When I started this journey it took one person lighting a fire under me and from there it was another and another. I have continued having amazing mentors who pushed me and who watched me and continue to watch me grow because I do not stay comfortable. I continually fight for what I want and don’t let anything hold me back. I am human I hate spending money on classes but I need it in my regimen. I run with friends which doesn’t cost anything and workout on my own a lot so again being holistic and to me investing in myself.

Invest in yourself.

Basically what I am saying is you can make every excuse in the book but when you find something that works, that you enjoy, and that you know you have to give 100% to truly changing your ways you will start valuing your body and life. You’ll start to see fitness and health as a necessity not an option.

You’ll start to see fitness and health as a necessity not an option.

Words in my vocabulary are positivity, strong, empowered, tight, muscular, love, blessed, flexibility, ability, and determined. I want you to strive to be better and spend your money on viable purchases that will better yourself unlike my “necessary” Lulu purchase the other day. Start being real with yourself and your body will thank you.

I challenge you to stop the nonsense and start fighting for what you want and maybe even fight for what you need.

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