Dani has turned my life around drastically. She brought out the best in me & inspires me everyday to do better than the last. I never looked into a personal trainer because they all came off arrogant to me but Dani was completely different, compassionate & real. She shared her life journey/experiences with me & really tried to genuinely make a connection with me. She always makes sure Im comfortable but never fails to challenge me. She told me to consider my fitness journey as my sanctuary, not only has she helped me physically but emotionally as well. I now have a healthy outlet for my feelings & being a teenager sure comes with a lot of feelings! I can truly say I will forever be thankful for Dani D. Fitness & everything I’ve been taught.

Megan F

When I started working out with Dani I considered myself "not strong" or "only a runner", but after working with her for well over a year I can honestly say I am stronger and more confident.  She has taught me the importance of strength training to protect myself from getting hurt.  I take the knowledge she gives me on proper form and modifications with me while doing my own circuit training and any group classes I choose to take. She is the best trainer in Nashville, plus she is fun!

Susie Gorman Green

I met Dani when she was a Group Exercise Instructor at the TREC Center of the University of Tennessee. She attended my AAAI Personal Trainer Certification one Spring. I could tell from her participation that she was a go-getter. She kept up with me after she graduated and asked me lots of questions about my life experiences as a Fitness Professional. I was looking for a new assistant at my Personal Trainer Certification workshops and she was just the fresh spirit that I wanted representing my team of vets. We have become good friends and I appreciate her "millennial" ideas to keep my Generation X mentality challenged and up to date. Dani Rocks! I look forward to seeing where she goes...she won't be parked for long anywhere or with anything.

Michelle Dei

My family recently moved to Franklin and I struggled a little to re-find my fitness groove. After volunteering at a Dani D. Fitness event I decided to give her Online Program a try. My work place has an on-site gym so it was a perfect fit.  I’ve really enjoyed the online training program. Making fitness a priority isn’t easy when your a working mom with two little ones. I wasn’t interested in a pricey gym membership or time away from my kids after work. This program was the perfect solution. I get my work outs in over lunch with next to no equipment. I’ve noticed a difference in my push ups and strength through my core.

Stephanie Latch

There was a connection the moment I met Dani. No judgement. No criticism. Just a genuine concern for my physical and mental well being. She has inspired me to tap into what SHE knew I was capable of, and we are achieving my goals together. One day at time we tap into my physical and emotional reserves to help me realize that I can get to where I want to be.

Jenn Hall

Dani has given me the tools, education, and encouragement to do just that. She has shown me that working out can be challenging and a fun experience at the same time. Her holistic approach has enabled me to become much stronger, healthier, and more fit. She ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. I have found a new love for fitness and I owe it all to Dani. I am forever grateful.

Alison Rohner

Dani sought me out, kept me accountable, and finally got me on a nutrition and workout regimen. With her help and encouragement, I have lost 23 pounds in three months. I have no doubt that this would not have been made possible without Dani's help. She genuinely wants her clients to succeed, and you can see the joy in her eyes when A client meets their goal. Often, people ask me what I have done to make such a drastic change in my life. I tell them that I owe it all to Dani. I would never go to anyone else for fitness and nutritional advice. Dani D fitness has changed my life! There is no going back!

Aimee Sizemore

"I learned very quickly with Dani that she had a sincere interest in me, not because it is her job, but because she saw me as an individual. I knew that each workout would be tailored to my needs. Along with exercise, she laid out an eating plan that would maximize my changes. Being with her doesn’t seem like a workout…She makes it fun! In fact, I’ve made it a family thing, I wanted my husband and kids to be a part of my journey. I have fun working with my husband in tandem sessions, and my kids absolutely adore Dani, and love working with her!"