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Dani D. Fitness is about breaking the stereotype of what healthy looks like and guiding you to becoming the best version of yourself through positivity, movement, and good nutrition.


My clients are assisted with maintaining a positive attitude while developing their fitness and healthy eating routines. This is crucial in having a real and true healthy lifestyle.


There is not one type of exercise for everyone. I want all of my clients to find a variety of movement, so that their bodies are always changing and adapting. I also never want their healthy lifestyle to ever become boring.


Tips and tricks are offered for clients to get the best nutrition to pair with their fitness routines. I have also teamed up with a registered dietitian and there are meal plans offered to each client if they choose to continue with training.

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It’s time to change the situation. It's time to change the mindset. It's time to do it together. I want you to understand and know that you can accomplish your goals through having a holistic, healthy lifestyle. You can have the body you want and you will gain the confidence that you haven’t had in years, or maybe ever. I am not just a trainer. I am the example of what determination and continuing to fight for what you want is. Life is too short to be complacent and unhappy. You have one life, so let’s start living it to the fullest!

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I offer a variety of services to clients to maximize their potential for results and to reinforce my mission to guide you to become the best version of yourself through positivity, movement, and good nutrition. I specialize in Personal Training including one-on-one, tandem, small group, and youth training. I also offer Group Fitness classes.

Personal Training

One-on-One, Tandem, Small Group, Youth Training

I started Personal Training 4 years ago after I made the choice to be more holistic and start my healthy lifestyle journey. I was on my journey to being my best self when I started helping others. I could have waited until I was the “ideal weight” in society’s standards or “looked the part of a trainer”, but that’s not me. I have had completely different experiences to ensure my success with training a diverse clientele as Dani D. Fitness.

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Group Fitness


Saturday 8:00 AM

I have been doing group fitness for the past 7 years. I fell in love with group fitness the day that I got certified. Group Fitness is an experience like no other to me. I create a safe zone for my clients where you will never feel out of place or like you are not as good as someone else. In class, we are a team working towards our own personal goals together. Some weeks will focus on weights and others will focus on cardio. I promise you will never regret coming to a Dani D. Fitness Group Fitness class, so pick your first class and don’t stress! I just ask that you give it your all!

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MoveFit is a comprehensive format that allows you to feel safe and love your body all while just having fun. It’s not like any other dance format because you’re not learning to dance. You're learning body awareness and how to move while getting a workout in at beginner, intermediate or advance level simultaneously.

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No upcoming MoveFit events are announced as of now, but keep up with Dani D. Fitness to learn about any new future events!

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I started saying “fight for it” when I would train my clients when they got discouraged, but that didn’t seem personal enough. Once I started putting the responsibility of “fight for what YOU want” it seemed to really connect with them!
When I said it to myself, I felt very relevant and aligned with my story of always having to fight for what I wanted. Whether it be to get healthier, get stronger, or be more fit, it always has stuck with me.


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